Available Limited Weekday openings
Time commitment One full day per week (8:00am to 6:00pm) for a period of six months

Assist staff Aquarists with animal husbandry responsibilities of the New England Aquarium’sspecial sharks and rays touch tank exhibit, shorebird exhibit, jellies exhibit and all holding areas supporting these exhibits. Duties include maintaining aquarium systems, feeding fish and jellies and possibly the opportunity, at the Aquarist’s discretion, to work with amphibians and endangered shorebirds.

Responsibilities:  Daily care, maintenance and appearance of all gallery and holding areas including food preparation and feeding. Observe fish, birds, amphibians and inverts and report unusual behaviors. Siphon tanks, clean filters, and maintain live food supplies including crickets, mealworms and algae. Special projects as needed, which may include on-line research and offsite collecting for jellies and fish.

Qualifications:  Strong interest in biology, marine science or animals. Previous experience with animals desired but not required. This position requires physical labor. Applicant must be able to lift 50 pounds.