Available Currently Full
Time commitment One full day per week (8:00am to 6:00pm) for a period of six months

Basic husbandry for a New England touch tank exhibit, an 800 gallon Hippocampus erectus exhibit, a small juvenile fish tank and a 29-tank fish and invertebrate holding room that includes the culturing of cniderian jellies.

Responsibilities: Taking and recording temperatures, managing daily feeding routines, removing and siphoning detritus from all exhibits and holding tanks, cleaning acrylic exhibit windows, interaction with visitors, filter cleanings, small culture water changes, trash removal, small craft projects, collecting animals from the Aquarium docks and the possibility of local New England fish collecting.

Qualifications: The ability to tolerate moderate exposure to 55OF water; the ability to lift and carry 40 lbs; the ability to work independently and as a team; take and carry out multiple instructions in a timely manner, using small ladders and the handling of deceased animals. General knowledge of biology and filtrations system and experience working on small boats in cold weather conditions is helpful.