Available Limited Weekdays available.
Time commitment One full day per week (8:00am to 6:00pm) for a period of six months

Assist staff Aquarists with animal husbandry responsibilities of the New England Aquarium's Freshwater Gallery, including feeding of fish, frogs and snakes, maintaining aquarium systems and other routine duties related to animal care.

Responsibilities: Daily care, maintenance and appearance of the gallery including, food preparation and feeding, removing and siphoning detritus from exhibits and holding tanks, monitoring water levels and water quality, cleaning acrylic exhibit windows, cleaning filters, maintaining live fruit flies, interacting and answering questions from visitors, organizing and cleaning behind the scenes, collecting animals from the Aquarium docks and the possibility of local New England collecting trips.

Qualifications: Comfortable working with large snakes, live food items such as fruit flies, earthworms and black worms and handling deceased animals. The ability to climb multiple flights of stairs; the ability to lift and carry 40 lbs; the ability to work independently and as a team; take and carry out multiple instructions in a timely manner, and using small ladders.