Here at the Aquarium, we feel very strongly about protecting the people and places (and animals!) we love, which is why talk about climate change.

If you participated in our Dream City LEGO brick activity at a local farmers market or festival, you probably heard us say that our city’s future is connected to the oceans and climate.

So what’s happening here? The ocean regulates the climate system the way your heart regulates the flow of blood throughout your body. As the heart of the climate’s circulatory system, the oceans move heat and moisture around our globe through currents and winds. The ocean also absorbs the Earth’s heat and moves it around the planet. When we burn fossil fuels, our carbon dioxide emissions trap heat in our atmosphere. This heat puts stress on the ocean, damaging its ability to keep the climate stable. As a result of the stress, sometimes the ocean pumps too much heat and moisture throughout the system and sometimes too little.

In Boston, we are already experiencing more days of extreme heat, and in the future we are expecting the summers to feel more like Washington D.C.’s climate. In the Northeast, there has already been a 70 percent increase in the intensity of extreme rain and snow. This increase is greater in the Northeast than for any other region of the country, and is likely to continue. As the climate warms, more ocean water evaporates into the air. Warmer air can hold more water which supports heavier precipitation events. We know that a heart must be monitored and cared for to ensure overall health and functioning and the best care is preventative care. If we think about the ocean as the heart of the climate, we can see the importance of taking preventative care to prevent further damage to it. And that’s why we’re rethinking our use of fossil fuels for energy.

Fortunately, there are lots of strategies that help us reduce our fossil fuels.

Reducing fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas, can also make living here pretty awesome. So how do you get involved in turning your dream into a reality? Start talking about it and find people to work with…. How do I start talking about it effectively? [add some language on using values, metaphors, solutions – there will be a link to a series of blog posts that isn’t published now, but will be….]

There are lots of resources to get active with your community.

While we often hear about climate change in the national news, the real work combatting this global phenomenon is happening in cities and town around the world. There are probably people in your neighborhood that share your concerns. Join forces, get involved, and look for hope in your community. So where do I go to find a group? Here’s a list of resources:


You could even google your home town and “climate change” to learn more about the discussion in your area. Maybe a library book club is discussing climate change, maybe there is legislation is under discussion, maybe a school group is mobilizing. There are many ways to get involved and make your voice heard.