Through vivid and compelling images, WOW films provide viewers with both an educational and inspirational experience as they learn about ocean conservation issues.

WOW films are produced specifically for visitors to aquariums, museums, and zoos, but are also available for any educational programming, including teacher workshops and trainings. The films are produced in VHS, PAL, and DVD formats. Also provided to educational institutions are lists of relevant websites and literature for educators and aquarists as well as a pricing chart for WOW films for gift shop purchases.

In Hot Water (2003)

“In Hot Water” takes us to the frozen pack ice of the Arctic, the temperate wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay, and the tropical islands of the South Pacific Ocean to see the dramatic impacts of climate change. Our ocean ecosystems are changing in ways we are only beginning to understand, and the entire world, from polar bears to people, is feeling the effect. In this film, find out which individual actions you can take to make smarter, more energy-efficient choices. This film is 24 minutes long.

Night Life: Creatures of the Deep (2002)

“Night Life: Creatures of the Deep” ventures into the deep waters off Bermuda with renowned author Peter Benchley and ocean explorer Teddy Tucker to meet bizarre undersea creatures and explore why we need to protect the amazing creatures of the deep.

Oceans for the Future: The Making of Marine Protected Areas (2001)

“Oceans for the Future: The Making of Marine Protected Areas” features stunning underwater footage from around the world to help explain Marine Protected Areas and describe what they can do to help protect our ocean ecosystems.

Surviving Sharks (2000)

“Surviving Sharks” uses compelling images to highlight threats to the survival of shark populations and to call for an international ban on finning; to counter the myth of sharks as ruthless killers by highlighting their skills and finely tuned biological makeup; and to demonstrate that sharks, as apex predators, are vital to preserving healthy marine environments.

Keepers of the Reef (1999)

“Keepers of the Reef” explores the human-induced and natural changes in coral reefs using historic shipwrecks as markers in time.

Unwanted Catch (1998)

“Unwanted Catch” examines the issue of bycatch in various fisheries worldwide and the impact of bycatch on marine creatures, including turtles, dolphins, and seabirds.

Magnificent Fish: The Forgotten Giants (1997)

“Magnificent Fish: The Forgotten Giants” brings viewers close to the often misunderstood animals of the open ocean: sharks, tuna, and billfish.

History of the World of Water films

With the first release in 1996, these short, engaging films on important aquatic issues are now used by nearly 400 aquariums, zoos, and museums worldwide, with an audience of approximately 15 million people. The films have won numerous awards at video and film festivals in the United States and abroad, including at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival, International Communication Film and Video Festival, MerComm International Questar Competition, and WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Other Ongoing Film Work at the Aquarium

In addition to the World of Water Film Series, we have also been involved in several other ventures for the big and small screens. An Aquarium expedition to study B-15, the largest iceberg in history was featured in the December 2001 issue of National Geographic, and an Aquarium mission in the Aquarius underwater habitat was featured in a National Geographic television documentary in 1999. Aquarium staff members have also collaborated with NOVA/WGBH and Howard Hall Productions on the IMAX film “Island of the Sharks,” which was released in 1999. 

For more information, please contact:

Bess Edwards
Conservation Assistant

The Aquarium offers these DVDs and videos for loan to educators. Please contact the Teacher Resource Center at or 617-973-6590 to ask about availability of a specific item.

  1. Recently Added

    • “Planet Earth”
    • “Antarctic Wildlife Adventures”
    • “Kingdom of the Seahorse”
  2. Numerical

    • 100 Years of Exploration: Global Discoveries
  3. A

    • A Coastal County in 2010 A.D. Planning with GIS
    • A Fish Story
    • A Kid’s-Eye View: The Science Behind the SceneryAmphibians: Animal Life in Action
    • An Inconvenient Truth
    • A Sound of Dolphins
    • A Swamp Ecosystem
    • A Tale of Two Fisheries
    • A Tidal Flat and its Ecosystem
    • After the Storm
    • Alewives and Bluebacks
    • Alien Invaders
    • Aliens from Inner Space
    • All About Fish
    • All About Water Ecosystems
    • Alligators
    • Altered Image
    • Amazonas
    • Amazonia
    • American Shad: Our Coastal Resources
    • America’s Pearly Mussels
    • Amphibian
    • Ancient Sea Turtles Stranded in a Modern World
    • AQUA TV III with White Sided Dolphin
    • Aquarium 2000
    • Archerfish
    • Arribada! The Olive Ridley Arrival
    • Assessing the Tsunami-Affected Reefs of Thailand
  4. B

    • Baja’s Giants of the Deep
    • Bars and Stripes
    • Beautiful Killers
    • Behind-the-Scenes
    • Beyond Belief: The Humpback Whale
    • Biodiversity Expressions of Life
    • Biodiversity! Exploring the Web of Life
    • Biology of Coelenterates
    • Birds Birds Birds: Why Birdwatchers Watch
    • Boston Harbor Islands So Near – Yet So Far
    • Boston Harbor Project Final Edit
    • Boston Harbor Project Update MWRA School Education
    • Bounty of the Banks
  5. C

    • Can A Crane Live Here?
    • Cara the Sea Turtle Tales from the Wild
    • Charting Our Course: An Activity Guide
    • Chick Chat
    • Circle of Water
    • City of Coral
    • Classic Video Images of the Boston Harbor Project
    • Coastal Challenge Dolphins and Porpoises
    • Coastal Ocean in Crisis – Science for Solutions
    • Coelacanth Dissection
    • Conserving America: The Wetlands
    • Coral Reef
    • Coral Reefs in Danger
    • Coral Reefs Research on Maui
    • Coral Reefs: Vanishing Treasures
    • Crabs
    • Crane Conservation Studies in Crane Behavior
    • Crane River
    • Cranes, Kids, and Wetlands
    • Creating Your Beautiful Aquarium Basic Care for
    • Creatures of the Mangrove
    • Crocodile: Here be Dragons
    • Crustacean Molting
  6. D

    • Danger at the Beach
    • Death of a Whale
    • Deep Ocean Exploration Shinkai 2000
    • Deep Sea Animals of the Caribbean
    • Deep Sea, Deep Secrets
    • Deer Island Tour
    • Demons of the Deep: The World of Sharks and Barracudas
    • Despues del Drenaje
    • DI Wastewater Treatment Plant: How It Works
    • Discover the World of Science Chorus of disapproval Penguin Communication
    • Discovery of Sound in the Sea
    • Dolphin Release
    • Dolphin Stranding Aquarium Rescue and Rehabilitation
    • Dolphin TV
    • Dolphins
    • Dolphins and Orcas
    • Dolphins Their Fascinating World
    • Don’t Trash the Grass
    • Down the Drain
    • Ducks Under Siege
  7. E

    • Edge of the Sea Loop
    • Equatorial River: The Amazon
    • Estuaries
    • Estuary
    • Explorations Global Discoveries for Tomorrow’s…
    • Eyewitness Bird
    • Eyewitness Fish
    • Eyewitness Ocean
  8. F

    • Finite Oceans
    • First Breath Cradle in the Sea
    • Fish
    • Fisheries
    • Fisheries – Beyond the Crisis
    • Focus on Marine Debris
    • Footsteps in the Sea Growing up in the Fisheries
    • Forecasting the Future: El Nino
    • Forests of the Sea Marine Algae
    • Free Dive
    • Fresh Waters Flowing
    • From Whaling to Watching Northern Right Whale
  9. G

    • Gaia to Microcosm – Volume 1
    • Gardens Under the Sea
    • Greed & Wildlife Poaching in America
    • Grey Seals of Sable Island
    • Gulf of Maine: Habitat Mapping Publications
  10. H

    • Harlequin Shrimp
    • Haunted Cry of a Long Gone Bird
    • Heart of Africa Jewel of the Rift
    • Hermit Crabs
    • Hidden Worlds of the Big Cypress Swamp
    • High Seas Series: Session #2 Sea of Green
    • High Seas Series: Session #4 Sea of Darkness
    • Home Composting Turning Your Spoils to Soil
    • Homeward Journey
    • Hooked on Fishing – Not on Drugs
    • Humphrey the Lost Whale
    • Hunt for the Great White Shark
  11. I

    • In Search of the Great White Shark
    • In the Company of Whales
    • In the Kingdom of Dolphins
    • Incredible Suckers
    • Inherit the Sea
    • Inside the Giant Ocean Tank
    • Intertidal Zone
    • Introduction to Our Global Environment
    • Invertebrates Jelly Fish and Horseshoe Crabs
    • Island of Whales
  12. J

    • Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures New England Sea Creatures
    • Jellies and other Ocean Drifters
    • Jellies in Space: From Undersea to Outer Space
    • Jellies Phantoms of the Deep
    • Journey to the Sacred Sea
  13. K

    • Keepers of the Reef
    • Killer Whales – Wolves of the Sea
    • Killing Tide (Fisheries Crisis)
    • Kingdom of the Seahorse
  14. L

    • Last Journey for the Leatherback
    • Last Lives: The Manatee
    • Learning about Reptiles
    • Let’s Explore a Seashore
    • Life at the Edge of the Sea
    • Life in a Spoonful of Seawater Diversity of Plankton
    • Life in the Deep
    • Life in the Salt Marsh
    • Life in the Sea Survival
    • Life on Earth: A Natural History
    • Life on the Reef
    • Living Links Crittercam
    • Living on the Edge Birds 2000
    • Lost Worlds Life in the Balance
    • Louis the Fish
  15. M

    • Magnificent Fish: The Forgotten Giants
    • Magnificent Fish: The Forgotten Giants
    • Maine Lobstering: A Lobster Tail
    • Making New Waves: Aquaculture in Maine
    • Making of the Pacific Coral Reef Tank
    • Manatees
    • Marine & other Invertebrates
    • Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine: An Introduction
    • Mission: Rescue
    • Monteray Bay Aquarium: A Treasury of Ten Aquariums
    • Mountains in the Sea
  16. N

    • Nature New England Aquarium
    • Nature Works: Life at Risk
    • New Bedford’s Aquaculture Journey
    • New England Aquarium: Pre-visit Video Tour
    • New England Aquarium: Tour
    • Night Life: Creatures of the Deep
    • Northeast Aquaculture: Farming the Waters
  17. O

    • Ocean Drifters
    • Oceans for the Future: The Making of Marine Protected Areas
    • Ocean Reef
    • Ocean Reflections
    • Oceanos Vivos! Parts 1-2
    • Oceans Alive! Parts 1-4
    • Oceans for the Future: The Making of Marine Protected Areas
    • Oceans in Motion
    • Octopus
    • Octopus Octopus
    • Our Crowded Shores: Balancing Growth and Resource
    • Our Fishing Heritage
  18. P

    • Paddle to the Sea
    • ”Penguin Interview” New England Aquarium
    • Penguin Odyssey
    • Penguin Summer in the Falklands
    • Penguins in Paradise
    • Penobscot: The People and their River
    • Phytopia Discovery of the Marine Ecosystem
    • Pilot Whale Rescue New England Aquarium
    • Plankton
    • Pond-Life Food Web
    • Portrait of a Whale
    • Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability
    • Powers of Ten, Volume 1
    • Preserving Our Global Environment
    • Pronosticando El Futuro: El Nino
    • Protecting Endangered Animals
    • Puffer & Scorpion Fish
  19. Q

    • Quabbin Oral Histories
  20. R

    • Race to Save the Planet Only One Atmosphere
    • Rain Forest
    • Rain Forest Rap
    • Reptile
    • Reptiles and Amphibians
    • Rescue of the Stranded Whales
    • Restoring Fish Habitat – Dam Removal
    • Restoring Our Wetlands – Healing Our Watersheds
    • Return from the Sea: The Restoration of Atlantic
    • Return to the Sea: The Reef and the Rainforest
    • Riches from the Sea
    • Right Whales Champions of the Wild
    • Rivers to the Sea
  21. S

    • Sandy Beach New England Coastlines
    • Saving Inky
    • Schooner Ernestina
    • Science and Technology for Children
    • Sea Animals
    • Sea of Slaughter
    • Sea Stars & Sea Urchins
    • Sea Turtle Adventures
    • Sea Turtle Adventures
    • Sea Turtles Last Dance
    • Seahorse
    • Seashores
    • Secrets of the Salt Marsh
    • Shamu TV: Investigating Birds
    • Shamu TV: Sharks and Other Ocean Predators
    • Shape of Life, Episodes 1-8, VHS and DVD
    • Shape of Life, Educational Selects (DVD)
    • Shark
    • Sharks
    • Shark Trackers
    • Shell
    • Shifting Sands
    • Shorelines
    • Sludge Processing
    • Song of the Cloud Forest
    • Sperm Whales: The Real Moby Dick
    • Spring Pool
    • Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary
    • Surviving Sharks
  22. T

    • Tadpoles and Frogs
    • The Amazing Journey of the Migrating Shorebird
    • The Beaches are Moving
    • The Cultured Clam: Raising Soft-shell Clams
    • The Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents 25th Anniversary
    • The Endangered Species Act: An American Legacy
    • The Flight of the Penguins
    • The Great Horseshoe Crab Field Trip
    • The Great Whales
    • The Green Sea Turtle
    • The Humpback, New England’s Spectacular Whale
    • The Last Frog
    • The Living Fossil
    • The Living Sound
    • The Lorax
    • The Magic School Bus in the Rain Forest
    • The Man Who Loves Sharks
    • The Mighty River
    • The New Zoos
    • The Pond Ecosystem
    • The Rain Forest
    • The Right Whale: An Endangered Species
    • The Rivers
    • The Rocky Coast
    • The Salamander Room
    • The Salt Marsh and Seashore Ecosystem
    • The Shape of Life, Episode One: Origins
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Two: Life on the Move
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Three: The First Hunter
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Four: Explosion of Life
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Five: The Conquerors
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Six: The Survival Game
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Seven: Ultimate Animal
    • The Shape of Life, Episode Eight: Bones, Brawn
    • The Shape of Life, Episodes 1 – 4 (DVD)
    • The Shape of Life, Episodes 5-8
    • The Stream Ecosystems
    • The Streamkeeper
    • The Ultimate Guide: The Octopus
    • The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau
    • The Unsinkable Sea Otter
    • The Water Talks to Me
    • The World of Penguins
    • The Worlds Below
    • The Yellow Hat
    • To Know a Pond
    • Trashing the Oceans
    • Troubled Waters: Plastic in the Marine Environment
    • Turning the Tide: America’s Coasts at a Crossroad
    • Turning the Tide: Keeping Pollution at Bay
  23. U

    • U.S. Fisheries in Crisis Magnuson Act
    • Undersea Life Exploring the Northeast
    • Understanding Oceans
    • Underwater Kids
    • Underwater Out of Sight An Ecosystem Case Study
    • Unwanted Catch
  24. V

    • Video Fish Book
    • Volcanos of the Deep
    • Voyage of the Great Auk
    • Voyage of the Loggerhead
  25. W

    • Watching the Whales
    • Water: Gift of Life
    • Water Work: Careers n Hydrology
    • Waters of Life North Carolina National Estuarine
    • Wet and Wild
    • Wetlands Stewardship – A Call to Action
    • Wetlands: Our Valuable Resource
    • Whale Rescue
    • Whales
    • Whaling Years: Discovery 1965
    • What is a Fish?
    • What is the Truth About Sharks?
    • Where Animals Live
    • Where the Bay becomes the Sea
    • Where Have all the Dolphins Gone?
    • Women in Science
    • World of the Sea Otter
    • World of Water: Aquatic Careers Session #1
    • World Population