Animal Sponsorship ChoicesMake a connection with your favorite Aquarium animals! Sponsoring an animal helps with the daily cost of care—including the best possible medical treatment, food and habitat upkeep. The Aquarium is a global leader in ocean conservation and marine education. Your sponsorship also helps us grow those vital programs so we can continue to make a difference on the most challenging issues facing our oceans.

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On July 1, we'll introduce the next species in our Animal Sponsorship program. What will it be? We want you to tell us! Take our survey and let us know which of these five species you would like to see available for sponsorship.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorships are available for these species, but offerings will change.
Check back periodically for new sponsorship opportunities!

Spotlight species

American LobsterAmerican lobster
Your animal sponsorship helps support all of the Aquarium's efforts to protect the blue planet. The American lobster has long been a symbol of New England, and the Aquarium is home to the last year-round production facility in the U.S. Learn more about the species and our American Lobster Research Program when you sponsor a lobster today!

African penguin*
Sponsor an African penguin!

Blacknose shark
Sponsor a blacknose shark!

Cownose ray
Sponsor a cownose ray!

Green sea turtle*
Sponsor a green sea turtle!

Harbor seal
Sponsor a harbor seal!

Little blue penguin
Sponsor a little blue penguin!

Northern fur seal*
Sponsor a fur seal!

Rockhopper penguin*
Sponsor a rockhopper penguin!

Kemp's ridley sea turtle*
Sponsor a Kemp's ridley sea turtle


*Indicates endangered, threatened or vulnerable species.

Right whaleNorth Atlantic right whale sponsorship

The Aquarium is home to the world's longest running North Atlantic Right Whale Research Program run by a team of researchers working to save one of the world's most endangered species of whale. You can help fund their work by sponsoring a North Atlantic right whale here.