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Sponsorship opportunities

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Spotlight species

Green Sea Turtle    Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle    Loggerhead Sea Turtle

African penguin*
Spheniscus demersus, which is endangered, has a pattern of spots on its belly that is unique to each bird.

American lobster
Homarus americanus has long been known as a symbol of New England.

Atlantic harbor seal
Phoca vitulina can often be found soaking up the sun along area beaches.

Diodon holocanthus is able to survive attacks by inflating its body to several times its normal size after swallowing mouthfuls of water.

Amphiprion ocellaris, made famous by Disney’s Finding Nemo, forms a symbiotic relationship with a large anemone.

Cownose ray
Rhinoptera bonasus can be found along the Atlantic coast, from New England to northern parts of South America.

Green moray eel
Gymnothorax funebris hides in the nooks and crevices of coral reefs and rocky shorelines waiting to ambush its prey.

Leafy seadragon
Phocodurus eques is one of only two species of seadragon in the world.

Little blue penguin
Eudyptula minor is the smallest species of penguin in the world.

Northern fur seal*
Callorhinus ursinus boasts some of thickest fur in the animal kingom, second only to otters.

Southern rockhopper penguin*
Eudyptes chrysocome is the only species of penguin that jumps into the water feet first.


Right whaleNorth Atlantic right whale sponsorship*

The Aquarium is home to the world’s longest running North Atlantic Right Whale Research Program run by a team of researchers working to save one of the world’s most endangered species of whale. You can help fund their work by sponsoring a North Atlantic right whale here.

*Indicates endangered, threatened or vulnerable species.