With fewer than 600 North Atlantic right whales alive today, New England Aquarium researchers work tirelessly to study and protect this endangered species. Support these conservation efforts by sponsoring a right whale today.

The New England Aquarium has been at the forefront of right whale research since discovering a remnant population in the North Atlantic in 1980. By sponsoring a whale, you are helping our efforts to monitor right whale population status, habitat use, calving rates, and migration patterns and supporting our continued hard work to direct effective management initiatives to save this threatened population. Sponsors also receive a variety of fun and fascinating right whale materials. In addition, you can also shop for special right whale-themed items such as T-shirts, books, and a cuddly plush whale—all in support of our research!

Each tax-deductible donation from your sponsorship will go directly toward the yearly costs of field research, data analysis, and professional collaborations.

Meet the Whales

For each whale you sponsor, you will receive a colorful information packet with details about the story behind your whale’s name, favorite hangouts, family history, and other interesting facts.

  1. Aphrodite the whale

    Aphrodite (female, born 1987)

    A mother and grandmother, Aphrodite is named after the goddess of love because her callosity pattern is sometimes heart-shaped.

  2. North Atlantic Right Whale named Manta

    Manta (male, born 1985)

    Named for his upturned flukes, which resemble a swimming manta ray, Manta is an active participant in surface active groups.

  3. North Atlantic Right Whale named Calvin

    Calvin (female, born 1992)

    Orphaned at only 8 months, this mother was named for the spunky character in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

  4. North Atlantic Right Whale named Phoenix

    Phoenix (female, born 1987)

    A mother and grandmother, a life-size model of her hangs in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

  5. North Atlantic Right Whale named Gemini

    Gemini (male, first seen 1979)

    One of our oldest whales, Gemini has fathered at least three calves in the population. He’s named for twin scars on his back.

  6. North Atlantic Right Whale named Shackleton

    Shackleton (male, born 1994)

    Named for the intrepid Antarctic explorer after a week-long adventure in the Delaware River as a yearling.

Benefits of Sponsorship

A right whale sponsorship makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion. A right whale sponsorship includes:

Benefit Individual $45 Family
A photo of your whale with a certificate of sponsorship
Informational full-color booklet about right whales, including personal biography and composite sketch
One-year subscription to Right Whale Research News (biannual color newsletter)
Right Whale Research Program sticker(s) 1 4 Up to 30 8
“Disappearing Giants” book, by Scott Kraus and Kenneth Mallory
10%-off coupon for the Aquarium Gift Shop
Plush right whale      
Choice of plush right whale OR T-shirt      
Plush North Atlantic right whale AND T-shirt        √
Signed copy of “The Urban Whale” book, edited by
Scott Kraus and Rosalind Rolland
*Classroom level receives a single plush right whale for the classroom, up to 30 certificates and stickers for students, and access to Smithsonian In Your Classroom lesson “The Tale of a Whale.”

Shop in Support of Right Whale Research

If you’re not ready to sponsor a whale or are looking for an additional right whale-themed T-shirt, book, or plushy, most of these items can be purchased separately! Net proceeds from their sales go directly toward the yearly costs of field research, data analysis, and professional collaborations. And U.S. shipping is free!


Items available for purchase include:

  • Youth North Atlantic right whale T-shirts
    Colors: Caribbean blue and green apple
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL 
  • Adult Right Whale Research Team T-shirts.
    Colors: Independence red, royal blue, heather gray
    Sizes: men’s and women’s S, M, L, XL 
  • Anatomically accurate plush right whale
    (perfectly huggable size of 12 inches long)
  • “The Urban Whale,” by Scott Kraus and Rosalind Rolland, features 18 multi-authored chapters written in a clear, accessible style. It provides a detailed account of the lives and challenges of right whales and includes many photos and illustrations. 576 pages (paperback)
  • “Disappearing Giants,” by Scott Kraus and Kenneth Mallory, is a small-format book that tells the story of the North Atlantic right whale and the decades of efforts by scientists, managers, and citizens to ensure the survival of this species. It is filled with interesting facts and lots of color photos. 48 pages (hardcover)
  • A year’s subscription to our biannual color newsletter, Right Whale Research News. Read or download past issues of our newsletter.

By purchasing these items or a sponsorship, you are helping to directly support the Aquarium’s right whale research. Call 617-973-6582 or email rwhale@neaq.org to order or for more information.