Your Aquarium, your night. Now with more tentacles!

Our members deserve the best—like the exclusive opportunity to experience Tentacles, after hours and away from the crowds. So we’re planning a members-only evening on Monday, June 27, to show how much we appreciate you. Bring your family and friends to enjoy your Aquarium on your night!

Look for the giant Pacific octopus in its newly expanded habitat brimming with species found in the chilly depths of the Pacific Northwest. Eye the cuttlefish levitating in its tropical tank while the chambered nautilus jets through its inky dark display. From petite red octopuses to graceful sea jellies, dive into the dazzling diversity of these mysterious ocean animals as Tentacles take hold at the New England Aquarium!

So come on in, explore these and all favorite exhibits, learn and see something new and even enjoy a treat from our cash snack bar. Plus, attending members receive an extra discount in the Gift Shop during the event.


This is a free, members only evening. No reservations are required but admission is strictly limited to the number of admissions permitted with your membership level. We regret that no exceptions can be made.



  1. Associate2 admissions (1 member + 1 guest)
  2. Patron4 admissions (1 member + 3 guests)
  3. Ambassador6 admissions (1 member + 5 guests)
  4. Ocean Explorer8 admissions (1 member + 7 guests)
  5. Conservation Society8 admissions (1 member + 7 guests)
  6. Navigator Society8 admissions (1 member + 7 guests)

Just as with Aquarium admission, children under 3 are admitted free and do not count towards your guest total. The size of your party must not exceed the number of admissions covered by your membership, which must be valid on the date of the event. Benefits are non-transferable and someone from the member household must be present for the group to be admitted. If you are unsure of your membership level or would like to upgrade your membership, please call 617-973-6555.

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