Get ready to be wrapped up in Tentacles!

Look for the giant Pacific octopus in its newly expanded habitat brimming with species found in the Pacific Northwest. Eye the cuttlefish levitating in its tropical tank while the chambered nautilus jets through its inky dark display. From petite red octopuses to graceful sea jellies, dive into the dazzling diversity of these mysterious ocean animals as Tentacles take hold at the New England Aquarium! Buy tickets.

Meet the Animals

The beloved giant Pacific octopus returns on April 15, with eight arms lined with suction cups that can taste and smell, and a newly renovated exhibit buzzing with life from the Pacific Northwest. Have you ever seen their petite cephalopod cousin, the red octopus? When was the last time you stopped to watch a sea nettle pulse, a nautilus glide, or a cuttlefish levitate?

Through educator talks, activities, and lots of face time with the animals, you’ll discover fascinating new fun facts about octopuses, cuttlefish, nautilus, and a thrilling variety of other tentacled animals — from the lower level of the West Wing to the pristine new cold water exhibit on Level 3.

Learn more about the animals in our Tentacles Take Hold program with videos, factoids, and more. Click here

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Explore the New Exhibit

The giant Pacific octopus exhibit is back — bigger and better than ever, transporting you to the natural habitat of these enormous cephalopods. Get ready to immerse yourself in the new Olympic Coast exhibit! Find sea pens and anemones and dozens more invertebrates. Watch the octopus navigate its watery garden. You might even get to see it work on a puzzle.

Learn what makes this region biologically rich, and walk away with a greater appreciation for the network of marine sanctuaries that protect this ecosystem and many more around the country.

Take Home Fun

Pick up one of our Tentacles Take Hold booklets to arm yourself with piles of information about our tentacled residents — from the brainless sea nettles to the clever octopuses. You’ll find vibrant pictures, fun facts, and beautiful illustrations that you can take home and color yourself. Fun for all ages! Visit the Gift Shop for a plush cephalopod or other octopus swag to remember your “tentacular” visit.

Teacher Pass Program

Visit the New England Aquarium and get wrapped up in Tentacles on every level! Buy your Aquarium tickets today.