Many Aquarium exhibits incorporate elements that are helpful to visitors with visual impairments, such as oversized typefaces, bold illustrations and colorful graphics.

Several Aquarium exhibits also have tactile elements, including:

  • At the Edge of the Sea exhibit on the third Level, visitors are encouraged to gently pick up and examine sea stars, periwinkles, horseshoe crabs and other animals in this exhibit.
  • The Temperate Waters Gallery on the second level has a textured handrail to help visitors understand evolution, survival in harsh habitats and the function of fish shape.
  • At the Shark and Ray Touch Tank on the first level, visitors can reach out and gently stroke cownose rays, bamboo sharks and other species of animals as they swim gracefully through the water.
  • At the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center open air exhibit, visitors can explore various animal artifacts such as seal flipper bones and skulls as well as various interactives.