Tickets are sold on a consignment basis and your hotel customizes a package to include Aquarium, IMAX or a combo tickets.  Goody bags of Aquarium gift shop items, such as plush toys, may also be arranged.  Additional tickets can also be ordered for the front desk or concierges use for hotel guests.

Should you choose to participate in this option, we would need a blurb from your hotel describing the package as well as a picture to place on our website.  Package details should also be listed on your website. To see current listings for other hotels packages, see hotel packages.

Order tickets via fax or email.  All shipping costs will be charged to the consignee; options include priority mail for $6.95, FedEX (rates vary) or courier for $6.95.  Orders will be sent in a one week.  Payment is due for the tickets sold when hotels reorder.