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Aquarim Admission Aquarium Admission

Your next adventure awaits! Select a date to purchase tickets to see the Aquarium's animals and exhibits. Buy tickets.

Aquarium and IMAX Combo Ticket

Add the IMAX experience to your Aquarium visit! Purchase tickets to view an IMAX film and see the Aquarium's animals and exhibits. Buy tickets.

Aquarium & Behind-the-Scenes Tour Combination

Add a Behind-the-Scenes Tour to your Aquarium visit! Purchase tickets to see the Aquarium's animals plus a personalized tour to see those exhibits from the other side. Buy tickets.

Meet Myrtle

Come meet Myrtle the green sea turtle, our most famous resident! This encounter gives you a deep understanding of her home—the sparkling, four-story Giant Ocean Tank. Start with a personalized tour, spiraling up the exhibit’s ramp alongside staff members who know Myrtle and her tank-mates best. Buy tickets.

Humpback Whales 3DHumpback Whales 3D

Running time: 40 min.
Humpback Whales 3D brings you into an underwater world packed with feeding frenzies, magnificent breaches and enchanting whale songs, seen now for the first time in IMAX 3D. Bring the whole family on this extraordinary journey to witness awe-inspiring marine mammals socializing, singing, feeding, playing and caring for their young. Buy tickets.

Great White Shark 3DGalapagos 3D

Running time: 40 min.
There's only one place on Earth where grinning iguanas claw their way along the seafloor alongside tropical penguins and the largest fish in the ocean. Go there with Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland on New England's largest screen. Buy tickets.

Secret Ocean 3D Secret Ocean 3D

Running time: 40 min.
See the hidden beauty of our oceans blossom before your eyes as thousands of colorful fish ripple over vibrant corals and stunning, 400-pound giant clams. Observe the genius of a camouflaged octopus hunting along a reef. Buy tickets.

Whale Watch Whale Watch

Join our crew of experienced naturalists and discover the world's largest mammals, the great whales. View schedule & purchase tickets.

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