As we continue to strengthen our work as a global conservation organization, the New England Aquarium is sponsoring a Plastic Free July EcoChallenge and invites our community to join the challenge and reduce single-use plastic.

Ocean pollution is a major threat that needs to be addressed and this is just one effort we are participating in to eliminate plastic pollution from our environment.

Inspired by the Australian-founded initiative, Plastic Free July, Plastic Free EcoChallenge is a 31-day international challenge to raise awareness about the problems with plastics in the environment; to provide opportunities to learn about reducing and refusing plastics where possible and appropriate; and to encourage individuals to create small changes that can have a huge impact.

To help us walk the talk, we invite you to join us in the Plastic Free EcoChallenge. 

Here is how to join: 

  1. Create a profile:
  2. Once you create a profile, you can join the Protectors of the Blue – NEAq Community team:
  3. Choose your challenges and share your stories! It is as easy as that.  

Participants can join anytime starting now and throughout the month of July.