Chapter 3: Prepping for the Wild

Munchkin was nearly unconscious when she was rescued and brought to the New England Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital. Using ultrasound technology, veterinarians were able to determine that her heart was still functional. Turtle treatment can last from several months to two years. Most of the sea turtles that arrive at the Aquarium recover and are released back into the ocean. Our rescue team works diligently to treat the turtles until they are healthy enough to be released.

Munchkin was released in Cape Cod on July 2nd, but many turtle get flown south to be released in warmer waters. Being able to move a large number of re-warmed and medically stable sea turtles to other rehab facilities quickly is a critical need that has been met by a remarkable aviation group called Turtles Fly Too. Coordinating with NOAA and the Aquarium, Idaho-based Leslie Weinstein has rallied the general and business aviation communities to provide critically important flights that aid in the recovery of endangered sea turtle species.

Chapter 3: Prepping for the Wild

The ocean, and sea turtles like Munchkin, are facing accelerating threats like rapidly rising water temperatures from climate change, islands of floating plastic, and ocean industrialization. These pressing issues inspire all of us to educate and take action to influence global change.

Starting June 17, we are releasing a new chapter about Munchkin’s Journey every week. Learn what goes into rehabilitating a sea turtle, from rescue on the beach to release in the wild, and even follow Munchkin’s journey back to the ocean. Share on social media with #MunchkinsJourney! 

Chapter 1: Meet Munchkin

At 330 pounds, she is the largest loggerhead sea turtle the New England Aquarium has ever rehabilitated! Get acquainted with this gentle giant as we take you through a day in the life of Munchkin.

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Chapter 2: Why Did She Strand?

Learn more about how Munchkin’s journey began. Visit the beach where she was rescued and hear from vets and volunteers about why turtles strand.

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Munchkin on beach

Chapter 4: Munchkin’s Release!

After months of rehabilitation, Munchkin is finally well enough to return to the wild. Watch her make her way down the beach and back into the ocean. 

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Chapter 5: Follow Munchkin

Her story doesn’t end here! Utilizing satellite tags, researchers track Munchkin on her continued journey through the open ocean.

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