Working Toward a Vital and Vibrant Ocean

At the New England Aquarium, we advance our mission to protect the blue planet by engaging with the public, creating partnerships, innovating through conservation research and fieldwork, and leading as advocates on behalf of the ocean. Our annual reports provide highlights from the year, our financial results, and offer a thanks to our many supporters.

Annual Reports*

2021 annual report (pdf 1 MB)
2020 donor report (published in blue magazine — see page 8)
2019 annual report (pdf 2 MB)
2018 annual report
2016 annual report (pdf 1 MB) 
2017 annual report (pdf 3 MB)
2016 annual report (pdf 1 MB) 
2015 annual report (pdf 1 MB)
2014 annual report (pdf 1 MB)
2013 annual report (pdf 1.7 MB)
2012 annual report (pdf 2.6 MB)
2011 annual report (pdf 0.8 MB)
2010 annual report (pdf 0.8 MB)
2009 annual report (pdf 1.9 MB)
2008 annual report (pdf 1.5 MB)
2007 annual report (pdf 1.5 MB)
2006 annual report (pdf 1.9 MB)
2005 annual report (pdf 1.9 MB)

The New England Aquarium has been bringing the public to the water’s edge and inspiring visitors to protect the blue planet for nearly 50 years. Support like yours allows us to achieve our mission to expand our education outreach, develop science-based solutions to human impacts on our oceans, and help protect fragile marine ecosystems.

*Funding from research contracts may be included in donor listings.