At the New England Aquarium, we advance our mission to protect the blue planet by engaging with the public, creating partnerships, innovating through conservation research and fieldwork, and leading as advocates on behalf of the ocean.


Letter from Leadership

Dear Friends,

As members of the New England Aquarium community, you understand the importance of our mission to protect the blue planet. While the Aquarium has always been committed to maintaining a healthy ocean worldwide, this task has never been more important than it is today.

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    With your support, the Aquarium accomplished a great deal on behalf of the ocean in 2018. Your generosity allowed scientists to perform comprehensive research and fieldwork—from cataloging many of the remaining North Atlantic right whales to rehabilitating and releasing hundreds of stranded sea turtles. Your involvement helped bolster our advocacy efforts, including publicly condemning threats to the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument and the Atlantic as a whole. Your engagement facilitated stronger partnerships between the Aquarium and a range of stakeholders, from global conservation leaders through our Marine Conservation Action Fund to those in the seafood industry seeking to sustainably source their products. Your contributions enabled us to find new ways to meaningfully engage with the public, whether through education initiatives around community climate resilience or through sensory-inclusive events. Your support has made a difference. Thank you!

    Our work during 2018—a mere snapshot of which is captured in this report—is a reminder that together, we can succeed in protecting the ocean. We have already made headway, and our actions are continuing to gain momentum. We are proud of our contributions to aquatic conservation, youth development, and the city of Boston. As we celebrate our 50thanniversary, we are deeply grateful to our founders, board members, donors, staff, volunteers, and all those who have supported our work. Our history as a catalyst for change in the marine world and on the Boston waterfront is extraordinary. There is still much work to be done, but we have never been in a better position to do it.

    Looking forward to the next 50 years as an aquarium, we envision the strides that we will undoubtedly make in global conservation. With science as our foundation, we will work tirelessly to underscore why the ocean needs our protection and find the solutions to make its future sustainable. Thank you for being an essential part of these efforts. Your continued participation enables us to step forward as an organization ready and able to make vital changes on behalf of the blue planet.

Vikki Spruill Donna Hazard

Your 2018 Support at Work

2018 Annual Impact Report Infographic

What We Do

Engage with the Public

At the Aquarium, we engage with a broad audience to show how we can all work together to protect the ocean — and the planet — more widely. We encourage the public to join us in our mission in a number of ways, such as: 

two people in front of the Indo-Pacific coral reef tank
  1. the first step logo with sea lion

    Plastics Pollution Solutions

    The Aquarium joined with more than 20 other aquariums across the country to inspire simple actions in a stand against single-use plastics.

    First Step
  2. HubWeek

    The Aquarium's science café featured three lightning talks focused on shaping the future of the ocean.

    Public Forums
  3. KultureCity

    We are committed to an Aquarium that is open, accessible, and inclusive to everyone.

    Public Access

Climate Resilience: Engaging Communities in the Face of a Changing Ocean

As the outcomes of climate change become more evident, it is imperative that we prepare for the impact that rising sea levels and a warmer ocean will have on our communities. The Aquarium engages our neighbors–including those in East Boston–to build a climate-resilient future.


Create Partnerships

Our ocean conservation endeavors are leveraged by the lasting partnerships that we have built with a number of groups and through a range of initiatives, such as:

  1. Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF)

    MCAF aims to ensure global conservation leaders have the resources to achieve key ocean conservation impacts.

    Global Conservation
  2. Gorton's Seafood

    Gorton's Seafood and the New England Aquarium celebrated a 10-year partnership of bringing sustainable seafood to consumers.

    Sustainable Seafood
  3. Promoting Education through Action for Conservation of Habitats (PEACH)

    PEACH is a collaboration aimed at people from all backgrounds to volunteer to help foster healthy habitats in Massachusetts.

    Promoting Education
Andrés Lopéz of Costa Rica, an MCAF fellow

MCAF: Partnering with Ocean Entrepreneurs Worldwide

The Aquarium’s MCAF initiative supports a global network of individuals eager to protect the ocean. In 2018, Fellows of the program had success in their work–including Andrés Lopéz, who secured support from Costa Rica to create a shark sanctuary in Golfo Dulce.


Innovate through Research and Fieldwork

The Aquarium’s scientists are leaders in ocean conservation. By taking to the field to gather extensive data and information, they work to find solutions to an array of threats. Our focus areas include:


scientists tag a shark from a boat
  1. hammerhead shark caught in netting

    Bycatch Reduction

    Bycatch is a leading threat to many endangered animals and marine biodiversity around the world.

    Discard Mortality
  2. a ray swims in the ocean

    Sharks and Rays

    Basic information on shark movements, population structure, behavior, and life-history is unknown for many species.

    Shark Tagging
  3. a sea turtle swims in the ocean

    Sea Turtles

    The world’s seven species of sea turtles are threatened due to unprecedented threats from humans.

    Turtle Research
leatherback sea turtle is observed from a raft

The Study of Sea Turtles: From Rescue to Release and Beyond

Each year, the New England Aquarium treats hundreds of endangered sea turtles that strand on our coastline. Using state-of-the-art tracking technology, Dr. Kara Dodge seeks to learn more about the behavior of these turtles in the wild.


Lead as Advocates

We enact positive change for the ocean through our advocacy efforts. The Aquarium has an influential voice in national and international conversations regarding the protection of the blue planet. These issues include:

North Atlantic right whale mom and her calf
  1. a breaching whale

    Seismic Testing

    We have joined a coalition to strongly oppose the administration’s actions along the Atlantic Seaboard.

    Protect Our Coasts
  2. Northeast Canyons and Seamounts

    Aquarium President Vikki Spruill wrote an op-ed advocating for the monument.

    Protectors of Blue
  3. Boston's waterfront

    Climate Change

    The Aquarium is part of a consortium of organizations committed to leadership on climate action.

    Climate Action
a whale's fluke appears in front of a cargo ship

Action through Advocacy: Opposing Oil and Gas Exploration

Industrialization is a major threat to our ocean ecosystems. When the U.S. government gave oil and gas companies the green light to explore for oil and gas through seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean, the Aquarium took a stand.



2018 financials


Board Leadership

As I near the end of my term as Board Chair, I am grateful and nostalgic. My 12 years on the Board have been a journey, and it has been an honor to serve the New England Aquarium in this capacity. We have seen the opening of the Blue Planet Action Center, the renovation of the Giant Ocean Tank, and the founding of the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life. Now, as the ocean faces an increasingly uncertain future, the Aquarium’s continued efforts as a global conservation organization are more essential than ever. I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of this community and see what we can accomplish together in the years ahead.
- Donna Hazard
  1. Officers of the New England Aquarium Corporation

    Vikki N. Spruill, President and CEO

    Donna K. Hazard, Chair of the Board of Trustees

    P. Eric Krauss, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer

    Daniel S. Evans, Secretary of the Corporation

  2. Board of Trustees

    Donna K. Hazard, Chair

    David Altshuler

    Maliz E. Beams

    David Bechhofer

    Barbara Burgess

    Thomas R. Burton III

    Linda N. Cabot

    Jared A. Chase

    Barbara Eisenson

    Daniel S. Evans

    Dean Goodermote

    Kathleen Healy

    Timothy G. Healy

    Pamela Petri-Humphrey

    Alexander D. Leventhal, Ex-officio

    Raymond F. Mui

    Scott H. Page

    Anne B. Peacher

    Mary T. Renner

    Duncan W. Richardson

    Brian Skerry

    Peter O. Wilde

  3. Board of Overseers

    Alexander D. Leventhal, Chair

    Robert C. Trumbull, Vice Chair

    James R. Andrew

    James A. Atwood

    Robert G. Bannish

    Cynthia A. Becton

    Michael J. Bohnen, Esq.

    George D. Buckley

    Carolyn J. Campanelli

    W. Reed Chisholm II

    John M. Cohen, M.D.

    Christopher T. Cuddy

    Paul W. DiMaura

    Alan R. Dynner

    Jennifer D. Eielson

    Kerry A. Emanuel, Ph.D.

    Katharine B. Fagan

    Michael W. Fish

    Dozier L. Gardner

    John M. Gray

    Ellen W. Griggs

    Bowman Hallagan

    Mark Hastings

    Winston E. Henderson

    Ann P. Hochberg

    Pamela R. Holding

    Danny Kalmar

    Mary Alice Karol

    Margaret C.H. Kelly

    Stephanie Kube

    Douglas J. Lober

    Michael S. Lorber

    Alistair Lowe

    Laurence P. Madin, Ph.D.

    Deborah J. Manus

    Stephen J. Mastrocola

    Michael E. Mooney

    Brooke N. Muggia

    Charles F. Nadler

    Alison Nolan

    Kim J. Ogden

    Richard C. Pierce

    Caroline Rando

    Mr. Brian Rivotto

    Kitt Sawitsky

    Samuel Slater

    Jonathan F. Stone

    Kevin Joseph Sullivan

    James W. Taylor

    Arnaud Tesson

    David A. Trust

    Michelle P. Vilms

    Charles S. Willauer

    William J. Wolf

  4. Magellan Society

    Jeffrey H. Pierce, Chair

    George R. Baldwin

    Robert L. Beal

    Henry P. Becton Jr.

    R. William Burgess Jr.

    Richard G. Casey

    John J. Doyle Jr.

    Jamie C. Fagan

    Walter J. Flaherty

    Walter J. Gamble, M.D.

    Harry A. Hanson III

    Lily Rice Hsia

    Ogden Hunnewell

    Jeffrey M. Hurst

    Thomas B. King

    George M. Lovejoy Jr.

    Anne R. Lovett

    Stephen C. Peacher

    Rudolph F. Pierce, Esq.

    Sandra B. Prescott

    Karen Foote Richards

    Bud Ris

    Kathleen Sherbrooke

    Richard A. Soden, Esq.

    Patricia R. Squire

    Robert W. Uek

    Timothy L. Vaill

    Louis J. Volpe


  5. Life Trustees

    Gerald W. Blakeley Jr.

    Charles S. Boit

    Jacob F. Brown II

    Anne T. Buttrick

    Gale R. Guild

    Karl J. Hirshman

    Robert A. Lawrence

    William J. O’Neill Jr.

    Edward E. Phillips

    Sandra B. Prescott

  6. Honorary Trustee

    Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D.

  7. In Memoriam

    We would like to honor the memory of the following Aquarium employees, board members, and supporters who passed away in 2018.

    William W. Bain

    Samuel W. Bodman

    Jo Anne Borek

    Frances K. Clark

    Amey A. DeFriez

    Bobbe F. Jacobson

    Kenneth Jamrog

    Mary Kakas

    Robert J. Kiley

    David I. Kosowsky

    Muriel Leventhal

    Agnes M. Lombard

    John Marttila

    Grace L. Miraglia

    Edith H. Overly

    Judith Pinsker

    John D. Stelling

    Galen L. Stone

    Deborah S. Twining

  8. Tide Leadership

    Jess Bechhofer

    Bill Bereszniewicz

    Casey Bereszniewicz

    Jackie Bliss

    Meg Bor

    Julian Casey

    Jasmine Gale

    Scott MacGrath

    JonPaul McBride

    Anastasia Pavlovic

    Augusta Polhemus

    Schmidt St-Fleur

    Jessica Young

In Gratitude, Our 2018 Supporters

The work of our scientists, educators, and ocean advocates is only possible because of your support. Thank you for investing in the mission of the New England Aquarium to protect the ocean. Your contributions allow us to create positive change as a global conservation organization. Together, we will create a brighter future for the blue planet. 

Thank you to our generous corporate partners, whose support propels our mission forward and enables us to expand the influence of our conservation work.

corporate partner logos

The New England Aquarium has been bringing the public to the water’s edge and inspiring visitors to protect the blue planet for nearly 50 years.

Support like yours allows us to achieve our mission to expand our education outreach, develop science-based solutions to human impacts on our oceans, and help protect fragile marine ecosystems. Thank you!