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Marine Mammals - April 1, 2020
Virtual Visit: Brushing Reggae’s Teeth

Follow along as our Atlantic harbor seal Reggae gets his teeth brushed. ...

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At the Aquarium - January 23, 2020
First Friday Facebook Live: Lionfish

Nick and Taylor visit the Armored and Venomous Fishes Exhibit in the Tropical Gallery on Level 1 to discuss lionfish. ...

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At the Aquarium - December 31, 2019
Improvements Coming to Simons Theatre

The Simons Theatre will be closed from January 1 through February 14, 2020, for the replacement of the nearly 20-year-old projection system with an advanced laser cinema projector that will produce...

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Exhibit Galleries - December 30, 2019
Aquarium Adds 11 Seadragons with Eye Toward Breeding

The New England Aquariumrecently acquired 11 new weedy seadragons from Australia and the Georgia Aquarium in an effort to bulk up the seadragon population and diversify its genetic stock in an...

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At the Aquarium - November 12, 2019
Turtle Sculpture Added to Plaza

A new addition to our plaza, a sculpture of two loggerhead sea turtles sits next to our harbor seal exhibit. We invite little visitors to explore the sculpture, which is a perfect background for your...

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At the Aquarium - July 1, 2019
Aquarium Adds Two New Movies

Beat the summer heat by taking in one (or both) of the Aquarium's two cool new movies, Hidden Pacific and Australia's Great Wild North.  ...

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Beyond the Aquarium - June 13, 2019
After a Winter of Eating, Blanding’s Turtles Returned to the Wild

Wednesday was a graduation day of sorts for four Blanding’s turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) that arrived on Central Wharf in October as part of a headstart program to help the threatened species. ...

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At the Aquarium - June 10, 2019
World Oceans Day 2019

Conversations and strategies about limiting single-use plastics and keeping them out of the ocean spread throughout Sunday's World Oceans Day event, held in the Harbor View Terrace Tent and on the...

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At the Aquarium - May 6, 2019
Youth Inspire at Right Whale Festival

The conservation efforts of youth and the plight of the North Atlantic right whale were in the spotlight Sunday at the New England Right Whale Festival. ...

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Aquarium Animals - March 22, 2019
Two-Toned Lobster Comes Out of Its Shell

It wasn't easy for our two-toned lobster to look so radiant after its recent extreme makeover. About two weeks ago, the lobster finished an important step in the molting process by shedding its old...

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At the Aquarium - February 22, 2019
Sensory Inclusive Morning Set For March 3

The Aquarium will open Sunday, March 3, at 8 a.m. exclusively for people with special sensory processing needs and their families. This event allows for early access to the Aquarium and a quieter...

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Aquarium Animals - February 1, 2019
Return of the Seadragons

Our amazing and crowd-favorite weedy seadragons have returned to a refurbished tank in the Temperate Waters Gallery on Level 2. ...

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Aquarium Animals - October 26, 2018
An Everyday Zombie: Atlantic Tripletail Fish

Our new Atlantic tripletail fish moves slowly, swims flopped on its side like it is sickly, and hides among floating debris in the ocean. Call it a zombie fish—with a scarily effective hunting...

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Aquarium Animals - October 9, 2018
From Egg to Exhibit: A Tale of a Little Blue Penguin

After a little blue penguin chick hatches from its egg, it takes about two months before it’s ready to swim alongside the adult penguins. ...

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At the Aquarium - September 12, 2018
Fall Lecture Series Begins Thursday

From the social behaviors of northern fur seals to documenting coral reef bleaching to the possibility of ancient life on Mars, the Aquarium's Fall 2018 Free Public Lecture Series, which begins...

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Aquarium Animals - June 29, 2018
Northern Fur Seals: Furry, Flexible, Flippered and Fabulous

Our northern fur seals, the stars of Life According to Fur Seals at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, are famously known for their thick fur. They have many other special adaptations...

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Aquarium Animals - June 26, 2018
Science of Sharks: Port Jackson Makes Its Debut

Monday was a weigh-in day for a Port Jackson shark added June 1 to the Diversity Tank in the Science of Sharks exhibit. The 9-month-old male shark is growing fast since his Oct. 19, 2017, arrival...

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At the Aquarium - June 11, 2018
World Oceans Day 2018 Was a Day of Discovery

Thousands of visitors celebrated our oceans with us here at the New England Aquarium on Central Wharf for World Oceans Day 2018. There were lots of fun activities to help you learn about our blue...

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At the Aquarium - May 7, 2018
Right Whale Festival 2018

You could dress up like a North Atlantic right whale. Learn about ways to keep the oceans clean. See what a right whale sees. And draw about what you learned. These were some of the many activities...

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Aquarium Animals - April 27, 2018
New Lionfish Are Pretty with Peril

Two new lionfish in the Armored and Venomous exhibit add a splash of color—a vibrant red—but also a little danger. ...

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Whale Watch - April 13, 2018
Great Views Bloom on Spring Whale Watches

Early spring is a great time for a New England Aquarium Whale Watch, and the daily excursions to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary offer good opportunities to see several different...

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At the Aquarium - March 15, 2018
Join Us at the 2018 Right Whale Festival

The New England Right Whale Festival is an opportunity to learn from local scientists, researchers, and educators about the efforts taking place in our backyard to protect the highly endangered...

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At the Aquarium - December 26, 2017
Giant Blue Lobster is a Quite a Catch

Boston's first ice sculpture of the holiday season, a 10-foot giant blue lobster, made its debut Tuesday afternoon at the New England Aquarium. ...

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Aquarium Animals - October 23, 2017
Not So Scary

Some animals at the Aquarium may have monstrous names, but they are more engrossing than gross! ...

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Aquarium Animals - September 25, 2017
Sea Jellies Roll to Level 2

With the spring opening of the Science of Sharks exhibit in the lower level of the West Wing, the Aquarium had to find new locations for many of the sea jellies that had been exhibited there. There...

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At the Aquarium - September 14, 2017
Free Lecture Series Focuses on Climate Change

Our free lecture series, which is focused this year on climate change, begins tonight at the Simons IMAX® Theatre with “Extreme Events and Climate Change: What We Know and What We Can Do,”...

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Aquarium Animals - June 29, 2017
Double the Fun of Live Animal Presentations

Beginning in July, Live Animal Presentations will be offered four times daily, at 10:45 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 2:15 p.m., and 3:15 p.m. in the Blue Planet Action Center. ...

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At the Aquarium - June 5, 2017
World Oceans Day Offers Waves of Learning

The seventh annual World Oceans Day Festival at the New England Aquarium celebrated and connected people to the vibrant community of ocean protectors ...

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At the Aquarium - May 8, 2017
Lots of Learning at Right Whale Festival

Families had a whale of a time at annual New England Right Whale Festival ...

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Education - April 5, 2017
Celebrate Whales, Oceans, and Science at the Aquarium

In the coming months, the New England Aquarium will be bursting with additional activity as it will host the New England Right Whale Festival and a World Oceans Day event and take part in the...

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Exhibit Galleries - January 12, 2017
Time For a Trim

About every eight weeks, a team at the Aquarium takes on the task of trimming the barbs on the rays in the Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank, making the rays safe for the viewing—and...

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Giant Ocean Tank - January 12, 2017
Retiring After 5,000-plus Dives

Retiring Aquarium diver Sherrie Floyd makes the last of her 5,000-plus dives before an audience of visitors and a large collection of her fellow Aquarium staffers. ...

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Aquarium Animals - January 4, 2017
Welcoming Tipper the Sea Lion

The Aquarium recently welcomed another sea lion to our marine mammal center. Four-year-old Tipper joins fellow sea lions Zoe and Sierra—all females—after most recently making her home at the...

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In the News - December 28, 2016
Frozen octopus takes hold of Front Plaza

Come see the 15,000-pound octopus ice sculpture that has our Front Plaza in its chilly grip. The icy representation of a giant Pacific octopus and its habitat was created for New Year’s revelers...

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