Matt Duddy, Author at New England Aquarium

Articles by Matt Duddy

Aquarium Animals - November 2, 2017
Baby Shark!

Do sharks lay eggs or give live birth? How does a shark egg develop? Read on to learn more about the amazing reproductive strategies of these charismatic fish, and see a selection of pictures from...

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Aquarium Animals - September 5, 2017
Dermal Denticles!

Why does a shark's skin feel like sandpaper? Do these animals have scales like a fish, or is there something else on the outside of their body? ...

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At the Aquarium - June 15, 2017
Summer Shark Activities!

As you're walking through the Aquarium this summer, you're certain to encounter some of our new shark activities! Read on to find out about the fun and immersive learning opportunities created by our...

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Aquarium Animals - April 13, 2017
Sharks and Their Sixth Sense

Sharks have the amazing ability to sense electric fields emanating from their prey. Read on to find out about the amazing adaptation that allows them to do so. ...

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Aquarium Animals - March 20, 2017
How Does a Shark Find Food?

How do the lines along the sides of sharks help them to find food? ...

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