Nick Pioppi, Author at New England Aquarium

Articles by Nick Pioppi

Beyond the Aquarium - July 28, 2016
PIPA: Paradise Found

When asked what "paradise" looks like, a preconceived image typically pops into one's head. No doubt this image varies quite a bit from person to person, but my definition includes a white, sandy...

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Beyond the Aquarium - July 23, 2016
PIPA: Science is Happening

Science can be a cruel mistress. At 0130 with 10-ft ocean swells moving the room around you, peering into a microscope and attempting to untangle fish larvae less than a centimeter in length from a...

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Beyond the Aquarium - July 20, 2016
PIPA: Crossing Over

On July 15 at approximately 0430 Hawaiian Time, the Robert C Seamans and its crew did something very meaningful according to nautical lore and tradition. ...

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Beyond the Aquarium - July 18, 2016
PIPA: Building our Community

Aboard the sailing school vessel (SSV) Robert C. Seamans, phrases like "punch the monster in the mouth" take on a whole new level of importance and meaning. ...

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