Shannon Freyer, Author at New England Aquarium

Articles by Shannon Freyer

Aquarium Animals - September 11, 2018
Pip, Pip — Hooray!

How can penguin chicks break out of a shell that is so tough? It’s all about how the pressure is exerted. Pip-pip-hooray! ...

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Aquarium Animals - July 3, 2018
A Penguin Supercolony

A previously unknown “supercolony” of 1.5 million Adélie penguins was recently discovered on the Danger Islands, a cluster of islands off the tip of Antarctica. ...

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Aquarium Animals - March 21, 2018
Monster Bird is the Word

Scientists recently announced the discovery of the prehistoric penguin, Kumimanu biceae—a species of penguin that was one of the largest penguins known! ...

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Penguins - February 1, 2018
Aquarium Animals - January 18, 2018
Growing Up Penguin: Begging for Food

Even penguins can't get the kids to leave the nest. ...

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