Today our adventure brought us to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank.

Approximately five humpback whales were scattered throughout the area, and we spent the duration of our whale watch with a pair of our recent favorites: Dross and her calf.

We observed Dross likely engaging in some subsurface feeding with large bubble clouds, and her little one was often close behind blowing long bubble trails of its own! Eventually the calf became more surface active with rolling, spyhopping, and tail lobbing at the surface. One noteworthy moment was a brief bout of flipper slapping by the calf, whose eye was wide open at the surface! 

humpback mom and calf
Humpback whale mom Dross and her calf
humpback spyhot
Humpback whale calf spyhopping
humpback whale calf
Humpback calf tail lobbing
Dross' calf eyes the whale watch passengers
humpback mom and calf
Dross and her calf

Two additional sightings of minke whales rounded out our trip and made for one spectacular day of whale watching.

— Kelsey