There are two giant Pacific octopus in our Olympic Coast Sanctuary exhibit.

But it’s a special day when you get to see them both out and about!

During a recent feeding session, Freya got to eat first. You can see her in this video in the upper left corner of the frame, just resting after some playtime with the aquarist. And you can definitely spot our male octopus crawling across the glass as he comes to greet the aquarist for his feeding and enrichment visit.

Yes, there are TWO octopus!

Feeding time with the giant Pacific octopus is about more than providing nourishment for these intelligent animals. While the aquarists offer an assortment of foods, including clam and shrimp, the sessions are also an opportunity to provide enrichment. Our aquarists let the octopus smell and taste their hands and arms with their suckers as they stroke their mantles. 

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