This afternoon the Aurora with Captain Chip and his fantastic crew headed out to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. In a white cap strewn sea we spotted a trio of humpback whales who we easily identified as Cajun, Pele and Perseid. These three whale seemed to be taking deep though short dives sometimes travelling long distances on each dive and sometimes popping up in almost the same place they went down. 

humpback whale fluke
Cajun's fluke

We spotted a few instances of bubble-blowing especially a few times by Cajun as she was coming up to the surface so maybe these whales were engaged in some deep feeding on sandlance. The highlight of the trip was a number of close surfacings by all three whales that wowed us with their size and drenched us in their breath, this time mercifully odorless! Looking forward to another day on Stellwagen Bank.

 — Tegan

whale next to whale watch boat
Front row perch