The giant Pacific octopus in the Olympic Coast exhibit each have their favorite hangouts. Sy likes to camp out in the top right corner of the display window, giving visitors good looks at her arms and baggy mantle. Anna enjoys a similar spot in the rear tank. Seeing them peacefully resting also begs the question: When are the octopus more active? And the answer is: It’s fairly unpredictable.

octopus tentacles
When Sy is at rest, you can get great looks at her arms and suckers.

Octopus are generally nocturnal. But senior aquarist Bill Murphy, who cares for the octopus and the Olympic Coast exhibit, says the octopus at the Aquarium are reliably active during meal times. That happens midday five days a week. Occasionally, the octopus are offered puzzle boxes with crab inside and that can rile them up a bit. And sometimes the octopus are just feeling their oats and explore their exhibit. Take a look! 

Sy Explores her Exhibit

Sy the Giant Pacific Octopus