New England Aquarium’s biologists are busy with their second round of penguin chicks hatching this year.

Earlier this spring, four little blue penguin chicks from Australia made their debut. Since early June, seven African penguin chicks have hatched and are growing very quickly. Every other day, these chicks are weighed by the Aquarium’s talented and dedicated penguin team. The seven chicks range in size from the 2 ounces for Monday’s newborn to the 5½ pounds (86 ounces) of a 7-week-old. 

Watch and Learn

Volume up for this one! Hear penguin keeper Andrea Newman explain some of the finer points of raising penguin chicks behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes with the Penguin Chicks

Birds in general grow incredibly fast, and that difference between the 2-day-old hatchling and a gawky 7-week-old is a growth rate of more than 4,000 percent in less than two months!

The chicks will eventually join the more than 90 penguins of three different species that call the New England Aquarium home.

african penguin chicks
African penguin chicks getting ready for their weigh-in