Aquarists have a saying that happy fish (or sharks or snails or other marine animals) make more happy fish.

Well, a snowy scene in the Olympic Coast Sanctuary Exhibit indicated that some of the anemones are feeling quite comfy in their Northern Waters display!

Aquarist Bill Murphy recorded this video of two species of anemone—white-spotted rose anemone (Urticina lofotensis) and the mottled anemone (Urticina crassicornis)—spawning. That’s when the male and female anemones release their eggs and sperm into the water in what’s known as broadcast spawning. 

Spawning Anemones

Here at the Aquarium, most of the eggs and sperm will be swept out by filtration or eaten by smaller fish, but some may settle and help us grow our population of anemones. What happens is the larvae swim around in the water until they found a suitable place to settle and then grow into young anemones!

You never know what remarkable close encounter you might experience during a visit to the New England Aquarium. From goosefish egg veils to inky cuttlefish eggs, there’s nothing like getting up-close looks at the animals that call our blue planet home—animals that need our appreciation and protection.