Beat the summer heat by taking in one (or both) of the Aquarium’s two cool new movies, Hidden Pacific and Australia’s Great Wild North

Both of these films, presented on New England’s largest screen and backed by 12,000 watts of digital sound, take movie-goers to the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean that teems with fascinating wildlife both on land and in the water.

Hidden Pacific

Hidden Pacific

Hidden Pacific visits some of the Pacific Ocean’s most pristine islands and atolls, specks of land bursting with diversity. Explore jungles crawling with exotic animals before plunging beneath the ocean’s surface to see the abundance of marine life in the coral reefs. Learn the storied history of the islands and discover their current role as environmental research centers. Buy tickets.

Australia's Great Wild North

Australia’s Great Wild North: The Wildest Place You’ve Never Seen

Journey to a wilderness teeming with ancient life, both ferocious and adorable, in an epic adventure to one of the Earth’s most remote wetlands and the oldest rainforest on the planet in Australia’s Great Wild North. Shaped by the awesome forces of nature, this wild land has been cared for by its indigenous population for at least 50,000 years with respect and stewardship that we can all learn from. Buy tickets.