Late last fall we introduced our blog readers to some teensy new arrivals—baby Banggai cardinalfish. Tropical Aquarist Brianne Dent kept them in a special nursery behind the scenes so they wouldn’t get scooped up in the filtration system or eaten by another resident of the Living Coral exhibit.

Since then, the little fish grew up and have graduated to the big time. They’ve been in the Living Corals exhibit for a couple months now! The only way they can be distinguished from their parents now is because they are a little smaller. 


All Grown Up

Look for these handsome black and white striped fish in the Living Coral exhibit on Level 1 across from the little blue penguins. They’re the photogenic ones that remain fairly still floating in the middle of the exhibit.

Living Coral exhibit
aquarist points to baby fish smaller than her fingernail
Baby Banggai cardinalfish when they were behind the scenes
banggai cardinalfish
All grown up!
banggai cardinalfish