Visitors may have noticed some tiny new creatures hovering about the Cuttlefish Exhibit in the Tropical Gallery on Level 1—like, 25 of them! These are baby common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) that were born in late December/early January. They are still pretty tiny now, measuring smaller than an adult thumb, and they look just like an adult only tinier!

Take a Look 

Baby Cuttlefish

baby cuttlefish hide in seaweed
Look for the baby cuttlefish hovering in all corners of the exhibit, including the grassy habitat...
baby cuttlefish rests on gravel
... on the gravely sea floor, and under rocky structures.

With 25 cuttlefish in the exhibit, making sure each animal gets its fill is important. Our aquarists are looking at new ways of delivering food to these critters. Stay tuned for more about feeding time! And if cuttlefish are your jam, check out these previous posts about these animals.