The hometown Boston Red Sox are poised to take on the Houston Astros in the American League Division Series this afternoon. Here at the Aquarium, we’re definitely feeling the excitement. Staff are talking stats, divers are donning jerseys, even our design department got in on the fun! In the most adorable way possible, our littlest fan is showing his support for the Sox. Ah, the magic of Photoshop.

Ron sends his scrappiest Best Fishes for lots of home “Rons” in the postseason!

ron with photoshopped baseball cap
Best Fishes for lots of home Rons!
ron with photoshop
Photoshopping a cap on a sleepy Ron for the win!

And we thought Ron couldn’t look any cuter. Psshh…

Visitors to the marine mammal center will not get to see Ron in a baseball cap, of course. But they will get to see lots of spunk and splashing with this little guy. Born this past July, he was introduced to the exhibit late this summer and he continues to get stronger in the water and work on his waddle on land. He and his neighbors, the fur seals, are curious about each other, but they don’t spend too much time together. Ron is still a youngun and spending plenty of time in the care of his mom, Tipper, and his sea lion aunties, Zoe and Sierra. Come visit the Aquarium to get a look at all the action and activity happening in the marine mammal center! With our new sea lion pup in the mix, there’s always lots to see.

And good luck in the playoffs, Red Sox!