On Thursday, July 27, aquarist Anne McDonough included our Facebook community in a feeding of the adult sharks in our Science of Sharks exhibit. This was a special event because this feeding happens before the exhibit opens to the public. She explained what they eat and how she feeds them, and we got to watch how all 15 sharks in the exhibit manage to get their fill (HINT: one of the smaller, older sharks got some special attention). 

See How It Happened on Facebook Live

Facebook Live: Breakfast with the Sharks!

Mealtime with Other Sharks

You can see how other sharks throughout the Aquarium eat, too. We recently blogged about shark feedings in the Giant Ocean Tank—with video! Check it out. 

Feeding the Bonnethead Sharks

And there’s so much more to learn about the sharks at the New England Aquarium. Tool around the blog to learn about what the sharks eat.

See the Sharks!