Everyone is buzzing about sharks this week—and so are we. That’s because we have a very special guest taking over our Instagram feed this week. Brian Skerry!

We are thrilled and honored that the National Geographic photographer (and our very own Explorer in Residence) is sharing some of his shark images with us in honor of Shark Week. 

Instagram Takeover

If you want some of this shark action, head over to our Instagram page. Here’s a taste of the majesty, action, and wonder you’ll find on the feed.  

Skerry saw his first shark in the wild in 1982 and was instantly captivated. Over several decades, he has spent countless hours underwater in locations around the world photographing these fascinating animals. In 2016, National Geographic Magazine published Brian’s stories about sharks in three consecutive monthly issues–June (Tiger Sharks), July (Great White Sharks), and August (Oceanic Whitetip Sharks). In July 2017, his fourth in this series, Shortfin Mako Sharks, was published.

Skerry recently published a book about sharks, compiling many of his arresting images about these marine animals. Follow along for a greater understanding of these remarkable animals, his personal accounts of making these pictures are just as exhilarating! 

Swimming with whale sharks is one of my favorite experiences in the sea. Their massive size and gentle nature make for exhilarating encounters.
- Brian Skerry
Roll up your sleeves for some close encounters of your own!

Add More Sharks to Your Shark Week

Plan a visit to the New England Aquarium! Our ever-popular Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank features several shark species. See the zebra bullhead sharks and bamboo sharks up close and feel their sandpapery skin as they glide beneath your fingertips.

Dive deeper into the Science of Sharks exhibit steps away to learn why their skin has that sandpapery texture, how they sense prey in the water, and about all the different kinds of shark teeth out there (not all are pointy and sharp!).

And stay tuned for more shark stories, science, and inspiration all week!