Let’s get outside! This year’s City Nature Challenge starts today, April 27, and runs through Monday, April 30.

The City Nature Challenge is a worldwide bioblitz – a global competition to document the largest number of organisms.

Last year’s Challenge introduced 126,204 new observations of 8,661 species across 16 metro areas. Boston submitted 3,945 of those observations and 748 species. This year’s Challenge has gone international, with 64 participating regions, including Palmer Research Station in Antarctica!

kids walk on large rock
You can document all sorts of things, from trees growing in the woods to the critters in cracks and crevices.

The “Boston Metro Area” for the purposes of this Challenge reach to Interstate 495 to the north, west, and south, and to the outer edge of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary to the east (whale watch, anyone?). Any observations of any noncultivated living things within that boundary between April 27 and April 30 will count toward the Challenge.

whale tail surrounded by birds
Out on Stellwagen Bank national Marine Sanctuary, you can find all sorts of marine life—from giant whales to smaller seabirds!
kid examines fallen tree
Take a closer look to see if you can find any tiny animals and plants.
What do you need to participate?

A camera and/or smartphone and/or computer, and willingness to go outside. Sign up for an account with iNaturalist.org and have a great weekend!