Call them the chameleons of the sea. Cuttlefish can change change the color of their skin in order to blend into their environment or communicate. Special skin cells let them regulate the amount and pattern of pigment on their skin. This mind-bending ability was on display as one of our new broadclub cuttlefish (Sepia latimanus) enjoyed their lunch recently. Watch.

Color-Changing Cuttlefish

Add Color to Your Vacation

School vacation is right around the corner. Start planning your visit to see the cuttlefish and other stars of our Tentacles Take Hold program, like red octopus, nautilus, and more! Be sure to peruse our handy visiting tips, they can help make your visit a breeze. And don’t forget that you can skip the line when you buy your tickets online—simply head straight to the lobby and show your tickets on your smart phone. 

The color-changing cuttlefish will be waiting for you.