Once a week throughout the summer you can find some of our educators at a local beach with a group of students exploring the wrack line or building sand castles. Groups are comprised of students and staff from Boston community centers that have partnered with us as part of our Communities Connecting to the Ocean initiative. This initiative aims to provide opportunities for youth to practice science and literacy skills in an after-school setting.

Weather permitting (though Sunday looks to be like a gorgeous beach day!), New England Aquarium educators will be heading out to Constitution Beach this Sunday, August 20, to add an element of exploration to your day at the beach! We will lead guided activities and provide families with a take-home Family Field Guide. Look for the New England Aquarium’s blue tent. Educators will be set up near the pavilion from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is a drop-in program, no RSVP is needed. Invite your friends and family!

educator talks to kids at beach
An Aquarium educators engages curious youngsters

Summer excursions to Boston beaches allow Aquarium educators to encourage youth to practice these skills in a new and local setting. Finding animals is always a cool experience, but there are also opportunities to dig deeper. “Why do you think it has this shape?” might be a question an educator poses to a 5-year-old who is excited about finding a mussel shell. Finding the correct answer to these types of questions is not our primary goal. Instead, we strive to get youth to think critically, make predictions, and communicate with Aquarium educators and each other!

child explores mud at beach
Who doesn't love mud puddles?!

We want to bring this experience to families looking to bring more exploration time to their day at the beach, but are not sure how or never thought there was much life to find at the beach. As part of our Communities Connecting to the Ocean initiative, we developed a family field guide to help families explore a local beach. In additional to an animal identification guide, there are games and activities that can help families encourage the use of science skills in a fun context.

kid looks out into bay
We look forward to seeing you and your young explorers!