Believe it or not, there are seven moray eels—both goldentail and chain morays—in the display at the top of the Giant Ocean Tank in the Yawkey Coral Reef Center. They’re usually threaded through the swiss-cheese nooks of the coral habitat in the exhibit. You might only see a head here, a tail there. 

the moray eel exhibit in the coral reef center
How many eels can you spot?

But come feeding time, the water boils with activity as the eels sense the good eats to come. Aquarist Sean Costello feeds the eels three to four times a week, usually in the early afternoon when visitors can get a good look at the action. But this post takes you behind the scenes to see how Sean is able to make sure each eel gets its fill of tasty and nutritious lunch.

cut up fish for feeding to eels
First up: The food! Fish, shrimp, and squid tentacles were on the menu this day.
aquarist feeds morays with stick
Aquarist Sean Costello threads a morsel onto the feeding stick and targets specific animals with each bite.
an aquarist feeds moray eels
The goldentail moray eels usually eat first because they're more, shall we say, energetic.

You can get a sense of the action with this video.

Feeding the Eels

The perspective is a lot different from the visitor side of the exhibit. So next time you visit, check out the moray eel exhibit in the Yawkey Coral Reef Center. You might get a fresh take on lunchtime!