It’s time for another First Friday Facebook Live.

This time, Taylor and Nick visit the West Wing to highlight some of the memorable moments from our past in celebration of our 50th anniversary year.

From the day we opened on June 20, 1969, when a crowd of 12,000 people passed through our doors, through 2013, when Nick and Taylor started working at the Aquarium and the most recent Giant Ocean Tank renovations began, to the present day, there have been many achievements along the way and there will be many more to come. Come along for a trip down memory lane.

First Friday Facebook Live: 50 Years and Counting

Conservation Context

The New England Aquarium is a catalyst for global change through public engagement, commitment to marine animal conservation, leadership in education, innovative scientific research, and effective advocacy for vital and vibrant oceans. It is the only Boston-based cultural institution with a mission focused primarily on the environment, promoting the importance of protecting the blue planet through innovative exhibits and educational programs.

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