It’s time for another First Friday Facebook Live.

This time Nick and Taylor head behind the scenes with special guest Aquarist Chris Doller, who gives us the ups and downs of the Aquarium’s sea jelly culture lab.

Dive into the realm of slime, stingers, and brainless, gelatinous goo. For animals with no brains or bones, sea jellies are some of the best survivors in the world. Did you know the New England Aquarium has one of the most extensive sea jelly culturing programs in the United States?

Watch the video to learn more! 

FF Facebook Live: Jellies!

Learn more about sea jellies

Nick, Taylor, and Chris Doller in the Jelly Culture Lab
Nick and Taylor join Aquarist Chris Doller in the Jelly Culture Lab.
a diagram of jellies reproduction

There’s always more to learn

From life cycles to just plain cool species of sea jellies, there’s always more to learn about your favorite brainless, boneless, and gelatinous sea critters—the jellies!