It’s time for another First Friday Facebook Live.

This time Nick and Taylor visited the Armored and Venomous Fishes Exhibit in the Tropical Gallery on Level 1 to discuss lionfish. 

Lionfish, which are native to the Pacific and Indian oceans, are invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean and their presence is having environmental and economic consequences worldwide. It is important to understand these consequences and act as oceans stewards to protect and promote the natural diversity of our marine environment.  

Watch the video to learn more! 

FF Facebook Live: Lionfish

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Conservation Context

Indo-Pacific lionfish have become an abundant invasive species throughout the tropical eastern Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. They are now recognized as one of the most important conservation issues in the world. This is because they lack any natural predators and have voracious appetites and impressive reproductive skills. Lionfish could become the most abundant fish species on coral reefs, displacing many other species that contribute to the health of coral reefs, which face many threats already from climate change and overfishing of other native species.