It’s time for another First Friday Facebook Live.

This time, Taylor and Nick visit the Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Exhibit and discuss adaptations of some of the fish.

Adaptations allow these marine animals to thrive in their ocean homes. Different types of adaptations include colorization, body shape, body structure, and behavior. Watch to learn more.

Facebook Friday Live from the Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Exhibit

Conservation Context

Appreciated for their beauty and spectacular biodiversity, coral reefs are also critical components to ocean health. They are nurseries to thousands of fish species, many of which could not survive without these unique habitats. Earth’s coral reefs support more than 4,000 species of fishes, 800 types of hard corals, and hundreds of other species of marine life. Those found in the Indo-Pacific are more diverse and complex than anywhere else in the world!
Unfortunately, coral reefs are rapidly disappearing worldwide, primarily due to climate change and other human impacts. The loss of coral reefs to bleaching has dire consequences for marine animals and humans alike. Coral reefs have the best chance to adapt if humans slow climate change and reduce other human-caused stresses.