Here at the Aquarium, we’re ready for summer.

The front plaza is buzzing with activity, and the northern fur seals are at play in their breezy outdoor exhibit overlooking Boston Harbor.

In fact, the fur seals are at play all across the city in our new summer ad campaign, thanks the hard work and beautiful design by our advertising agency Connelly Partners. You may have noticed the seals flipping, splashing, shouting, and zooming across the platform at the Park Street T Station. You might see them pop up at other MBTA stations as well as on buses, lampposts, and a computer near you. 

It’s harder to complain about your commute when you have such charming company. Take a look!

Seals on the Subway

ad at Park Street T Station
DIVE into the Park Street T Station to see what all the fun is about!
ad at Park Street T station
Even if you're not quite zooming on the Green Line... you can still zoom with the fur seals!
ad on turnstiles at Park Street T station
Life According to Fur Seals = summer fun!

Fur seals are not native to New England, so we’re pretty lucky to be able to (re)introduce these amazing animals this summer. There are four fur seals at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. Meet the seals—some of them have incredible rescue stories! And here are a few fun facts:

  • Northern fur seals are the second furriest animals on the planet (second to sea otters), which helps them stay warm in the chilly North Pacific. All that fur requires a lot of grooming—man, do these seals know how to primp!
  • These fur seals have incredibly long flippers and are shockingly flexible. That’s so they can reach every patch of fur on their bodies for grooming. See? Again with the primping. 
  • Scientists with the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium are studying fur seal poop in an effort to learn more about this species. That’s right, poop. 

You think that’s cool, there’s a lot more fur seal facts where those came from. Just visit the Aquarium to discover Life According to Fur Seals