The Living Coral exhibit in our Tropical Gallery is awash in textures and movement and vibrant, darting of fish of all shades.  

But you can really get a sense of the layers of life on a coral reef if you take a moment to stare. You might see a shrimp advertising its cleaning services from underneath a coral shelf. The clownfish nuzzling its home anemone is always a big hit. You might even notice the dazzling mandarinfish poking along the bottom, nosing around in the sand looking for something to eat. 

Recently, it was one of the giant clams (the less giant of the giant clams, actually) was drawing some attention. A sailfin tang was darting around, causing the clam to tuck into its shell. Of course, the clam moved very slowly, so you had to invest the time to watch this interaction. But the time-lapse video was rolling when it eked out of its shell!

Watch This Giant Clam Really Open Up

sailfin tang in living coral exhibit
That pesky and beautiful sailfin tang

On your next visit to the Aquarium, take a moment to watch one of the exhibits if you can. See all the different animals—large and small—interacting with each other and contributing to a rich ecosystem in the display. And a word of advice, you might want to clear your memory so you can snap all of the pictures and video!