Just after the exhibit lights come on for the day, as the aquarists sip their morning coffee and get started on their daily tasks, before visitors even arrive at the Aquarium, the adult shark display in the new Science of Sharks exhibit is often abuzz with activity. We had the video recording on a recent morning as the coral catshark, Halmahera, and epaulette sharks cruised the exhibit. Sit back and enjoy a glimpse of the bustle and flow in the adult shark tank!

Good morning, sharks!

These species are sometimes considered nocturnal or crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk), though visitors can attest that they are active all day long. Visit the new exhibit to see how these sharks navigate their exhibit all day long. You’ll also find plenty of wild and fascinating shark facts to fill your brain. As they say, our new exhibit is incredibly cool, and immersively nerdy.

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