If you thought the goosefish was looking a little plump last week, she was.

While most of us were getting ready to cheer on the Patriots, the goosefish was laying her annual egg veil on Sunday afternoon. The veil consists of a million eggs fixed together in a single sheet 60 feet long and only a single egg thick. Since there is no male in the exhibit, these eggs are not fertile and there will be no baby goosefish. But the veil is still exquisite to observe. 

egg veil floats above goosefish and silversides
The goosefish rests while the egg veil swirls above
The eggs in the veil
girl looks at goosefish
Eye to eye with the goosefish
goosefish egg veil
The egg veil and the silversides
goosefish egg veil
The veil billows and flows through the exhibit with elegance

If you want to see this natural masterpiece, hurry in to the Aquarium because the veil only remains in the exhibit for a few days. Aquarists will remove it from the exhibit when it starts to disintegrate. Here’s a video to give you an idea of what to expect.


A Goosefish Egg Veil

More Egg Veils

Colette has been laying egg veils every year, and we never tire of watching them billow and twist through her exhibit. Take a look back at the veils from the past couple years.