The goosefish exhibit features several species that you might find in local waters.

In addition to the star of the show, visitors can also observe blood stars creeping across the sandy bottom and scallops with their blue eyes shining. Recently, aquarists added a school of silversides to complete the exhibit. Silversides are a local species of schooling fish, they grow to be a few inches long. You’ve likely seen them milling around a dock or sea wall before. Here at the Aquarium, we want to recreate a local habitat for visitors to see and learn about.

Well, the goosefish got excited and did exactly what goosefish do—tried to eat some!

Check it out… wait for it.

(Tasty) New Arrivals in Goosefish Exhibit

It’s important to note that the goosefish’s excitement is really a one-time event. After the silversides settle in, they will start schooling in the middle of the water column and well out of the way of the goosefish. The goosefish will return to its normal diet of (thawed) frozen fishes, which is offered by aquarists from a feeding stick.

You’ve Got to See it in Slow Motion

If you think seeing the goosefish lunge for a meal is cool, you need to see this video on our YouTube Channel. Several years ago, a team consisting of an underwater photographer, an expert in high-speed imaging, and an MIT professor brought their high-tech gear to the Aquarium to shoot an ultra slow-motion video of our last goosefish eating. Buckle up, it’s pretty exciting.