Ron the sea lion pup is turning 1 year old today!

Of course, he doesn’t know his birthday from any other day, but the trainers did provide some fitting enrichment today.

After taking a trip down memory lane looking back at all his milestones and (completely adorable) baby pictures on the blog, the trainers created an array of fun enrichment activities to celebrate Ron’s special day—from gelatin and ice birthday “cakes” and a firehose toy shaped like a 1 to a little extra time during sprinkler enrichment.

Take a look!
Ron considers his birthday "cake."
ron chomp birthday cake
Then he takes a chomp out of the flavorless gelatin cake, which is colored green with spirulina.
Ron nosing one-shaped toy
Ron loves playing with toys made from firehose material.
ron's tipper look?
Trainers trimmed this length of firehose into the shape of a 1!
gift basket for ron
Even our friends at Boston Harbor Cruises were in on the celebration, providing a generous basket of all his favorite toys!
ron underwater
But like anyone 1-year-old at their birthday party, Ron spent a lot of time playing and not staying still for pictures.

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