How do you stay to cool on a 90-degree day when you are wearing the second-thickest fur coat in the animal kingdom? For our Northern fur seals, taking a dip in the chilly water of the exhibit pool is an easy way to get relief on a hot day. But taking ice baths in a kiddie pool, searching for fish and squid treats in a pile of ice cubes, or munching on a fish-icle is much more interesting to Ursula, Luna, Kitovi, and Chii (prono: Chee). 

Trainer Jess points out fish in ice to three seals
Trainer Jess shows the fish snacks hiding in the ice cubes to Luna, Kitovi, and Chii.
Trainer plays with seals and ice trays
The whole gang bounded between the two pools on the deck, fishing for squid or silverside snacks.
three fur seals play with ice
Little Luna spent a lot of time actually IN the ice cube pool!

Take a Look

Here’s a short video of the icy fun had by the fur seals!

Good, Cold Fun with the Fur Seals

Kit, Luna, and Chii are all youngsters and are correspondingly cute, curious, and mischievous. It’s hard work to keep these ruffians in line! So sometimes the matriarch—19-year-old Ursula—has to take a break in an icy pool.

Ursula the fur seal sits in ice bath
Ursula the matriarch enjoys a quiet soak in the ice bath away from the playful youngsters.