A 50- and a 70-pound loggerhead sea turtle are about to finish their eight-month rehabilitation at the New England Aquarium’s sea turtle hospital in Quincy. “Lightning Bolt” and “Sunny” were rescued on Cape Cod last December suffering from life-threatening hypothermia. They were also emaciated, dangerously dehydrated, and plagued with a persistent pneumonia. Each of these beautiful, chestnut-colored turtles has gained 40 percent more body weight since they were admitted.

Listen in on this video to hear how these turtles got their names. 

Loggerhead Checkup

loggerhead turtle gets exam
A rescuer palpates the turtle's neck and flipper during a physical exam.

Today they were pulled from their tanks for probably their last physical exam before their release sometime in the next two weeks. They will also have their hard shell prepped for possible placement of satellite tags on their shells at release. The high-tech transmitters will not only track their travels, but provide scientists with valuable data on how they use their habitats.

hefting a large loggerhead back into its tank
Two rescuers heft a large loggerhead into its tank as camera crews look on.
two rescuers hefting a large loggerhead back into its tank
Splash down!

See what it takes to rescue sea turtles!

The newest film in our IMAX theatre follows our rescuers who rehabilitate these turtles and the volunteers on Cape Cod who rescued the turtles from chilly beaches over the fall. Experience this heartwarming transformation on the silver screen! Bring your tissues and be prepared to be inspired.