You may have noticed a little more shimmer in the Giant Ocean Tank. That would be a new school of lookdowns (Selene vomer) that the divers recently introduced to our Caribbean reef exhibit. 


Moments after they were released from a holding pen at the top of the tank, they gracefully took a spin around the exhibit. The new fish continue to settle in nicely to our largest exhibit.

All Grown Up

This school is especially cool because they were raised by our aquarists! Their parents were moved from the Giant Ocean Tank to our Quincy facility so their eggs could be collected. About 50,000 eggs were transferred to Roger Williams University, where the university’s researchers studied the best ways to raise the larvae. More than 500 grew to be juveniles, some are here in our Giant Ocean Tank and others were transferred to other aquariums for exhibit. Our larval fish rearing program is one way we’re creating more sustainable exhibits here at the New England Aquarium.

Welcome to the big time, little lookdowns!