While a right whale researcher explained to a girl the benefits of a new type of fishing rope that will break easier if a North Atlantic right whale becomes entangled in it, across the tent an eagerly attentive group of youngsters listened to the story of “Dario and the Whale.”

These were just two of the family-friendly activities available during the fourth annual New England Right Whale Festival, held Sunday, May 7, in the Aquarium’s Harbor View Terrace Tent.

The festival was an opportunity to learn about right whales through direct engagement with Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life researchers, representatives from our community partners, and artists who all are working to protect the whales.

The Adams School Calvineers, a group of middle school students from Castine, Maine, who helped launch the festival four years ago, again traveled south to help run the festival. They encouraged attendees to dress up as a whale, exhibited a whale skeleton, and provided a plethora of information on the critically endangered whale.

See more photos from the festival at Twitter #rightwhalefestival.

Oh, Snap! Contest Winners

Anyone who snapped and shared pictures from the festival using the #RightWhaleFestival hashtag were entered to win passes on a New England Aquarium Whale Watch. All the images were “winners” but we randomly selected one person from each social platform (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to win tickets. Here are the lucky snappers!

  1. Facebook post with two boys


    Karyn T's birthday boy wanted to spend his birthday at the festival!

  2. Twitter

    @steveathanas took the kids to the #RightWhaleFestival. They fancied themselves as whales.

  3. kids touching whale bones


    @ibikedrew and family were learning about whale bones at the #rightwhalefestival

Coming Up!

If you missed out on the fun for our Right Whale Festival, plan to celebrate World Oceans Day on Sunday, June 4, at the Aquarium.